Make Line Pattern On Photoshop

Have you think make a line with pattern on Photoshop? We will make it in this tutorial. There are 2 step : make a pattern and make line.

Step 1 :
1. Create new document with custom size (width = 1 pixel, height 4 pixel), and background = transparant

2. Make a dot by pencil tool with 1 pixel diameter.

Make 1 pixel

3. Go to menu : Edit/Define Pattern. Give a name that pattern, for example : yosinaw.

Give Pattern Name

Step 2 :
1.  Create new document and make a new layer. Give a color (solid or garadient), and then give color with pattern which you want to use : Go to menu : Edit/Fill, on pulldown menu choose “pattern”.

Solid Color

Custom Pattern

2. You can see a result with line on the picture. Then change opacity layer to 40 – 50 %.

Line Image

Change Opacity

Result of PatternThat’s all… Is it Easy?
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