Macromedia Flash Masking Animation Technique

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Masking animation technique is one of the techniques in data processing in a flash, with this technique we can hide an object behind other object. While the process of “sighting” the object is done with utilizing an additional layer that serves as a “masking” of the layer hidden.

Masking Implementation
This technique can apply in some animation product, for example:
1. Banners, advertisements, or other information that is expected can make attention of readers.
2. Application of scanning methods, such as the teaching materials of Biology, Chemistry, Physics with eclipse process and many other examples.
3. X-ray effect for human anatomy
4. Many other needs that require implementation of animation methods this masking.

In practice this case, we will use two images to be used as an example of the use of Masking.
Follow the steps below :
1. We design a masking body of a child, as shown in picture (picture 1) or use other picture
masking animation flash step 1
2. Make a new document in flash with a size of 120 x 101 pixels (H x W). with black background color setting.
3. Import image “child” on Layer 1,choose Menu : File/Import/Import to Stage. And then change the layer name with the Child.
4. Add a new layer and rename it with “Body”, then import Body image files into those layers.
5. In the layer of the Child, use right click on frame 50, and then select “pop up menu insert frames”.
6. At the Body layer, use right click on frame 50, and then select “pop up menu insert frames”.
7. Add a new layer, with name “Sinar X”.
8. Create a vertical rectangular box, using the Rectangle Tool, create a higher size of the image that will be “masking”, placed on the left side of the image that will be “masking”.
9. In X-ray layer, use right click on frame 50, select “Insert Key Frame”
10. Still in the same layer, use right click on frame to 25, select “Insert Key Frame”, then move into right position area to be “masking”. (see at Picture 2)
layer placement position flash
11. Use right click on X-rays Layer, and then select Mask.
12. Still on the same layer, on frame 15 and 35 use right click, select “Insert Motion Tween”, (see at Picture 3)
Masking Animation Technique
13. Run the animation by clicking Ctrl + Enter

Macromedia Flash Masking Animation Technique, adapted from :
Muhammad Adri

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