Nice Wrikles Effect On Photoshop By Denny Tang

Sometime we want make a bad face or unique image in our photo. In this tutorial maybe can inspire you to make it. With grandfather photo for sample, change or add “wrinkles” effect. This tutorial using Photoshop CS 3 but it can do at older version.Let’s try it.

1. Open  a photo (sample photo), open it with File/Open and browse. (Photo 1 Open File)

Open File

2. Change photo into matches color with effect. Add black and white adjusment layer with methode : make “new adjusment layer button” in the layers pallete. In older version name is Hue/Saturation. (Photo 2  Adjusment Layer) and (Photo 3 Black and White Adjusment)

Adjusment Layer

Black and White Adjusment

In Photoshop CS2 or older and added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer instead, simply reduce the saturation to -100 and click OK.(Photo 4 Black and White in Older Version)

Black and White in Older Version

3. Blend the layer with Overlay tool : click on the drop down menu and select Overlay in the Layers palette and color will be change in nice brightness. (Photo 5 Overlay)


4. Select back the Background layer and duplicate it with press “Ctrl+J” at keyboard. The new layer called Background copy. (Photo 6 Duplicate Background Layer)

Duplicate Background Layer

5. Apply the Plastic Wrap filter on top menu : Filter/Artistic/Plastic Wrap. (Photo 7 Plastic Wrap Filter)

Plastic Wrap Filter

Change Setting into 20:15:15. (Photo 8 Plastik Wrap Filter Setting)

Plastik Wrap Filter Setting

6. Use “Blending Mode” from the drop down menu in “Layers Palette” to blend this layer. Choose Multiply, remember layer still use Background Copy. (Photo 9 Blending Mode)

7. Mask area except skin of image with “Add Mask” in Layer Pallete.  Layer still in Background Copy. (Photo 10 Add Mask layer)

Add Mask Layer

and (Photo 11 Add Mask Layer 2)

Add Mask Layer 2

8. Mask the with “Eraser Tool” from the Tools palette. (Photo 12 Erase Tool)

Erase Tool

Right mouse click on the image and the brush settings should appear. Use a large brush 185 px and set the Hardness to 0%. (Photo 13 Brush Setting).

Brush Setting

9. Last step, erase the areas around the skin. (Photo 14 Erase Areas Around The Skin)

Erase Areas Around The Skin

Check final outcome of this photo effect. The skin now looks very dramatic like many sad photos of old or homeless people. Create yourself with your imagination. (Photo 15 Final Outcome)

Final Outcome

Nice Wrikles Effect on Photoshop by Denny Tang

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