Optimize Ubuntu : Disable Unnecessary Services

Ubuntu logoSome services are not really useful, especially if you use a desktop not a laptop. Examples of options to disable according to their usefulness.  This Ubuntu tips show you How to Disable unnecessary services in Ubuntu :

If your computer is a laptop, you can do without laptop-mode, which allows others to manage the closing of the screen, and Hotkeys (blue key on laptops):

sudo update-rc.d-f remove laptop-mode
sudo update-rc.d-f hotkey-setup remove

The service is apm, meanwhile, the energy management. If the apm command displays “No APM support in kernel” in a terminal, you can safely disable:

sudo update-rc.d-f apmd remove

If you do not have a PCMCIA card reader:

sudo update-rc.d-f remove pcmciautils

If your computer does not support Bluetooth:

sudo update-rc.d-f remove bluetooth

If you have an ADSL connection, services and pppd-dns dns-clean will do nothing. The latter are used primarily to manage connections from dial-up type (old dial-up modem).

sudo update-rc.d-f remove dns-clean
sudo update-rc.d-f remove pppd-dns

Finally, the rsync daemon is to keep that if you really need:

sudo update-rc.d-f remove rsync

Note that the command sysv-rc-conf to list all the services running on your system.

There are many other ways to optimize ubuntu, you can read it on other ubuntu tips articles.

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