PC Systems For Entertainment

All in One ComputerMany manufacturers called their complete system as a “Multimedia Computer“. This computer, intended for play, edit movies and music. For this purpose, your computer need a powerful processor (CPU). The model is recommended at least two computing cores, multi-core processors like Intel Core 2 Quad, Core i5 and i7 is a good choice if you want to edit HD movies. Important : Sufficient memory is needed,especially on the Windows 7 operating system, three gigabytes of memory is recommended – Caution: more than 3 gigabytes of memory only supports 64-bit version operating system!

They usually don’t require an additional video card anymore, since modern multimedia PC is fast enough and have the necessary interfaces. Most cameras and camcorders transferring movies via USB or Firewire to your PC, but a computer with a built-in memory card reader are recommended. So you don’t always connect the camera via cable to your PC and can protect the battery. On most Multimedia computer systems, a complete integrated card reader are standard.

The needs of the entertainment center.
If you want a complete multimedia computer and make it as an entertainment center, there should be a Tv on your computer.¬† In order to view TV programs on your computer, you will need an appropriate TV card. Most current PC are now can play DVD with high quality video and good sound. Or you have a blueray player then it will require the fastest processor. Make sure that there are five speakers and woofer (“subwoofer”) for your sound card, If you want to listening a perfect home theater cinema experience. Your monitor should also support DVI, HDMI or display port to your multimedia computer.

Data storage
Large hard drive is needed to record and store video. Photos and images requires a large storage space. It is recommended to have at least 1 Terabyte of hard drive. DVD burner is recommended if you frequently store the archive data. Blu-ray offers more storage capacity but not recommended because of the expensive price. It is advisable to store data by adding an external hard drive with firewire connection.

All-in-one PC
If you use your computer mainly for multimedia tasks, you might consider  all-in-one PC. For such equipment, computers and monitors are put together, you can save on expensive dedicated cables. Manufacturers of All in One PC supports complete processing such as play music and movies through an integrated display with 16:9 aspect ratio. All in One PC equipped with a connection to home theater sound.

Conclusion: High Performance Systems
Watching movies, listening to music, edit photos: It works with all modern integrated systems. With a TV card you can capture television signals on the screen. If you want to use to edit movies and play video with high resolution, you must memilika more powerful system.

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