PC Systems For Work And Internet

complete computer systemsIf your own task simply by writing letters, surfing the Internet, and organize your office, the Mini desktop computer could possibly be suitable for you.

Speed and features
The basic office computers have the lowest requirement for the high performance. An extra modern processor is not necessary for this type – a powerful 3D graphics card isn’t need too. For simple tasks like word processing, write emails a mini pc or usually called nettop is reliable. However, these mini desktop computers are not  powerful as office computers with modern Core 2 Duo or Athlon processor.

Save money and energy with nettop
Nettop is ideal to save energy. Nettop very power-efficient, on average they only need about 30 watts to operate even there it only takes 15 watts in full loads such as Asus Eee box. Because of its small, nettop is also very efficient in the placement. To be able to save more costs you can install a free word processing software like openoffice.org.

Data storage
Do you store lots of data? If it does, large capacity hard drive is necessary. Highly recommended to have at least 500 Gigabyte hard drive. Models with a Dvd burner is suitable for backing up data, however most recent models of mini pc is rarely including a DVD burner.

Tip: For fast data exchange, a USB flash drive is the perfect choice. Advantages: If you only store few files or transfer data between computers, flash drives can be rewritten as often as you want.

Graphics applications
If you are using operating systems like Windows 7 and frequently work with large image files, then one gigabyte of RAM is not enough. Make sure that the complete system can be upgraded later with more memory or does the same for at least two gigabytes of RAM. If you are using Windows XP, Linux or Google Android, an upgrade to two gigabytes is not absolutely necessary.

Conclusion : For daily work and surfing the internet. Mini desktop computer or a nettop will be the best solution.

If you do simply basic office, internet surfing, watch the movie, and does not need complex graphics processing, you can save lot of money. Because with no powerful graphics card and a fast processor chip, we are able to get a desktop computer with a low price. Desktops computer for work and Internet can be bought for around $ 300, and nettop can be bought at least $ 200.

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