Picasa Web Album

Picasa web is an easy way to share photos over the web, 1G space is offered free of charge. If you already have an account in your Gmail automatically  you  already have an account in picasa. You can create a gmail first if you dont have gmail account, here is a link how to create an email in gmail.
If you have limited space hosting, you can use picasa to store the image file

Picasa web Image

Step 1 : type url http://picasa.google.com/

Step 2 : Click go to Picasa Web Albums to share and explore photos

WEB Album Picasa Image

Step 3 : Login picasa web

emai : gmail email

Password : your gmail password

click Sign in

Login Picasa Image

Step 4 :Click Link My Profile with my albums

Link Profile Picasa Image

Step 5 : How to Upload phot picasa web

# select Photo location in hd

# Click Upload and dont forget to set privacy setting

# Click View onlin to display your album

Start Using Picasa Image

Step 6 : Create Album

Click Upload

Create Album Picasa

Step 7 : Type data title,date, visiblility,share with

click continue bottom left side buton

Create Album Picasa Image

Step 8 : Start Upload Image

browse image location in Hardisk

Click Start Upload

Start Upload Image Picasa Image

Step 9 : Upload Image success

Click Image to get Image url


Upload Image Success Image

Step 10 : for display image from picasa to your site,Copy the Image url as source image to your site

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