Repairing Hard Drive With CHKDSK

CHKDSK windows xpIf your disk partitions start fail, slow down, began to appear remarks errors like “access to the folder is locked,” and similar messages as well as hard drives have no issue “human” sounds like the rustling, squeaking, it is again possible to improve a team that can run CHKDSK not only from the Recovery Console as described in this article, but in the console windows, for this do the following :

1. Open menu Start> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt

2. If you want to check the system drive (C: \), then simply enter in the window that appears chkdsk / r and press the Enter

3. After that appears (Unable to run CHKDSK, because the volume is in use by another process. Should we check for this volume at the next boot? [Y <yes> / N <no>]) keyboard latin letter Y and hit Enter

4. We are told that (This volume will be checked at the next reboot.) Restart the computer

5. When the system boots will be a blue box with a timer, not why not click as soon as the timer reaches zero, start checking the disk

6. Once validated, the computer restarts itself after Windows boot partition error to be corrected

7. If you act up, not only the system drive and another partition then again run the command line and letter of the section to be tested in this way E: or D: that is, by analogy, we substitute the appropriate letter and you press Enter (the letter section can be found in My computer.

8. Enter the chkdsk / r and press Enter (The complete string would look like – Drive Letter: \> chkdsk / R )

9. A message appears (Unable to run Chkdsk on the volume, because volume is in use by another process. To run Chkdsk, should first turn off the volume. All opened handles volumes will Incorrect. Confirmation of the volume to dismount [Y <yes> / N <No >]) keyboard Latin letter Y and press the Enter

10. Will the process of checking and repairing hard drive errors, after it can close the console window (the interest rate may reach a certain level and fall back, don’t worry this is normal)

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