Resize GiF Animated Image Using GiF Resizer

Resize an image without any animation is very easy to do, you may resize an image using Microsoft Paint easily. But, how to resize GiF animation image?. There is a free and portable GiF resizer software which can resize an GiF image very easy and fast, the software is GiF Resizer.

Now, I have a GiF animated image, named “animated suzuki car.gif” with 298KB size and 160×213 dimension.
resize gif

Then, I opened the GiF Resizer software and resizing the GiF image with larger and smaller dimension. Look at the following GiF Resizer preview:

gif resizer

After use the GiF Resizer, I get 2 of new GiF images (smaller and larger dimension):
gif after resized

The resizing process is easy, simple and fast. The resizer software is very light, no need large memory process. It also a portable software without any installation and has very small file size (only 628KB). Unfortunely, I think the result of resizing is bad.

Here the result of GiF image resizing using GiF Resizer tool:

Original GiF animation:
animated suzuki car

Bigger GiF animation after resized:
bigger animated suzuki car

Smaller GiF animation after resized:
smaller animated suzuki car

Next time, I will show you how to resize GiF animated image with better result using online GiF image resize.

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