Simple Tutorial With Macromedia Flash MX

Macromedia Flash MX is good animation software wiith many functional tools. Now we will make a simple animation with keyframe. It’s for newbie on design graphic and for basic level.

  1. Open Macromedia Flash MX and click “New Flash Document”
  2. Make “Stage”size beside from project (look at picture 1). This is how to do it: click “size” on properties, and input size which you want (for example 300 px X 200px) and press OK button.Picture 1 Document Properties
  3. Press R button on keyboard and box picture on Stage (see at picture 2) and choose color with press V button on keyboard and choose box color (number 2), for example use dark blue color with hexadecimal value #000066.Picture 2 Color Box
  4. Make text on stage with press T on keyboard and write a text (for example F) see at picture 3.
  5. Look at Timeline panel and press F5 on keyboard. This frame for manage plot of animaton with 5 pression. And then press F6, result will show if there add font/text on stage. Look at (picture 4 and 5)
  6. For 4 and 5 step, add font/text until make text “FLASH” see at picture 6Write Stage on Project
  7. Finish, now see the result with press CTRL + Enter button. See at picture 7

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