Smoke Effect On The Text By Photoshop.

We often see a smoke effect on the image. Now, we will make it ourself with Photoshop Software. and that is a tutorial, how to make a smoke effect on the text by Photoshop.

1. Make a new layer, setting size file : width = 10 cm, height = 8 cm.

Layout Size

2. Type a word : SMOKE with text tool. Use font Arial.
3. Right click in SMOKE text layer, and then choose Rasterize Layer.

Rasterize4. Use Smudge Tool by swap that text. Look at the pictures.

Use Smoge Tool

Use Smoge Tool Zoom

5. Open other image which will combine with smoke effect.
6. Move SMOKE text to natural image with Drag Mouse.

Combine Picture

7. For give a blow effect, use menu : Filter/Zigzag. On Zigzag tab, setting Amount = 30, Ridges = 10, Style = Pond Ripples.

Blow Effect Setting

8. For more real image, swap again with Smudge Tool. Enjoy it…………

Result of Editing

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