Splitting And Joining The File Using HJSplit

hjsplit split and join the big file

HJSplit is a file splitting program which will be work on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME operating system. HJSplit is able to split files of any type and any size.

I have not tried this program on Windows Vista and Windows 7, for those of you who use Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can try it for yourself. Most likely this program can also be used in the operating system

Split the file:

hjsplit splitting the file

To split a file, select the “Split” menu from main HJSplit window.. Select the file which you want to split. Define the file size of each splitted files. For example: you have a file with size 500MB, then you split the file with size of 80MB. The output files will be 6 files with extension .001 ; .002 ; .003 ; .004 ; .005 ; .006 are have the size of 80MB, and the last file with .007 extention and file size of 20MB

Joining the files:

hjspit join files

To join the file, all files which already splitted must be located in same folder. Browse the file by clicking the “Input File” button, select the file with .001 extension and then start to join the files by click the “Start” button

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