Starting Windows 7 Safe Mode

Starting Safe Mode on Windows 7 is very easy. Safe mode is very useful way if you are fighting with a virus, of course most of virus doesn’t run on Windows safe mode.

Here the steps Starting Windows 7 Safe Mode:
1. After computer boot and BEFORE Windows splash screen appear on your monitor, PRESS F8.

windows 7 splash screen

2. A safe mode menu (Advanced Boot Options screen) will appear on your computer screen:

windows 7 safe mode

  • Select the Safe Mode for normal safe mode.
  • Select the Safe Mode with Networking if you want to connect your safed Windows to another computer. (for file sharing or internet connection)
  • Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt if you want to run Command Prompt application immediately after safe mode Windows loaded.

3. Windows will load the minimum and necessary files to run a Windows 7 desktop.

load windows 7 safe mode

4. Then you will be asked for administrator password. Input your administrator password then you will be brought into the Windows safe mode desktop.

login windows 7 as administrator

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