Wi-Fi And Bluetooth. What Is The Difference?

Wifi and BluetoothMost people have little knowledge or did not understand at all what is wifi and bluetooth, which it are a wireless data transmission standard.
This is one of the reasons is a common misconception that these are two names for the standard wireless connection. However, it is misleading – because between these two standards, there is a huge difference.

Let’s learn what the difference is the bluetooth and wifi :

1) Scope
Wi-Fi – the standard, the main purpose is to get rid of clutter – in offices and homes in the construction of local networks.
At home, using Wi-Fi lets you quickly create an efficient network in the office – reducing the cost of building the network by saving on wiring.
Bluetooth – created as a standard for wireless data transfer between 2 devices – cell phones, PDAs or computers (any combination).

2) The effective radius of action
The range of access points Wi-Fi in the open air is about 300 meters, the range of standard devices have Bluetooth – about 30 meters.

3) Standard
Wi-fi devices operate according to standards 802.11 b / g / n /, the device Bluetooth – according to their own standards Bluetooth 1.0 and Bluetooth 2.0.

4) Installation and Configuration.
Bluetooth devices do not require any configuration after installation, because the work units of the standard is very simple, moreover, unlike Wi-Fi to establish communication between two Bluetooth adapters do not require third link as a router. To start data transfer is enough to place two devices in the Bluetooth standard, the radius of each other.
Wi-Fi also requires the obligatory presence of an access point or router. In addition, the need to customize the wireless network.

5) Type of network
Wi-Fi is used to create a wireless local area network (WLAN), which may be a large number of different devices.
In the case of Bluetooth – you can only create so-called personal area network (PAN), bounded by 2 units.

6) Data Transfer Rate
Another difference is that Bluetooth devices have lower performance than devices based on Wi-Fi.
Compare for yourself: up to 0.8 megabits per second in Bluetooth and up to 108 megabits per second for Wi-Fi
Now, having learned these six points, no one will introduce you astray, saying that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – it’s the same thing.

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